Aero Tech Designs Presents:

A Tubular Fashion Show of Cycling Apparel

IBEW Circuit Center - Southside

5 Hot Metal Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Sunday, April 7, 2013


Tubular Fashion Show presented for your entertainment. Fashion made from recycled bicycle tubes. Also, Functional apparel for cyclists -Men and Women, Big and Small, many Brands, Styles and Looks.

For all cyclists who want more joy.

Entertainment Fashions: The Queen of Chamois Pads, men's vests made from bicycle tubes with vintage reflector trims, women's zany outfits made from spandex, chamois pads, bicycle tubes and vintage bicycle accessories

Functional Fashions: High tech clothing for touring, summer apparel for keeping cool and dry, bicycle shorts with a wide variety of chamois pads, clothing for plus men and women, in addition, we have cyclewear fashions for children.

Ride Longer. Feel Stronger.

laura modeling wool cycling apparel


Our Organizing Committee:

Cathy S. Rogers Steve Ewing Kevin Craig Terry Craig Kathy Hoover Don Thobaben Jackie Thobaben Suzanne Kikel John Stauffer Phyllis McChesney

Sponsored by:
aero tech designs cyclewear
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date revised: 2/26/2013